About us

As Esperi Giyim, we have been serving in the field of women's clothing manufacturing and wholesale clothing sales in this journey that we started in 2013. Since the day we started, we have taken our place among the leading companies in fashion in the sector and we continue our production in this direction.

Customer satisfaction has been our primary goal in the products we manufacture. We aim to be one of the important players in the textile industry with our understanding of affordable prices and quality products. By establishing esperigiyim.com, our wholesale women's clothing sales site, where our domestic and foreign customers can order more easily and faster, we have started to serve in the field of e-commerce as well, and we have started to host more customers abroad in our store.

Our expert customer service team shares the necessary details with you from the beginning of your orders to the delivery point. Our company's contact numbers and whatsapp  You can access it 24/7. All your questions and requests are answered as soon as possible, depending on the density and availability.