Knitwear Dress


We use all the colors of nature in our designs and produce wholesale women's clothing that adorn women's dreams. With clothing designs that are becoming more and more lively, you will feel confident and fun in any environment; We make pieces that reveal your personality. We can offer you more than a thousand product models with different skirt lengths, cuts and model shapes from the products in our wholesale women's dress category. You will have absolutely no problem finding a dress for your window display.

Among the products in our wholesale women's dress category, white dresses stand out. Suitable for summer and winter use, these product models are available every day of the year; You can enjoy the elegance. We are sure that the feeling of nobility and purity brought by the color white will reflect on your character and will make the people around you pay attention to you.

 Another dress that we recommend every woman to have in her closet is black dresses. You can choose these dresses in noble colors that can be combined with almost any accessory and complementary material in any environment. The best quality black dresses are definitely sold on our esperigiyim.com site. You can buy dozens of different wholesale women's dress models from our website.

Dresses are garments that have been a part of fashion since they were launched. Although popular product models differ from period to period, some product models have always been in fashion and have managed to keep up to date. We can give knitwear dresses as an example of these dressed models. With sweaters suitable for use in the winter season, you can be very stylish even in the coldest weather. In addition, woolen clothes are another popular clothing item in cold weather. Thanks to its soft and thick fabric structure, you can stay for long hours without getting bored in woolen clothes that are both warm and comfortable. Another clothing style that is popular especially in the summer season and never goes out of fashion is short-sleeved dress models. These dress models are frequently preferred especially in holiday regions due to their thermal balance and non-sweaty structure. In addition, you can find a wholesale dress model according to the length of the skirt you want on our site, you can buy it wholesale.