What is Affiliate Partnership

It is a program where you can earn money from your site, blog, social networks such as facebook, twitter.

All you have to do is submit your application at no cost to you. Following the approval of your application, you can activate our advertising windows on your site by obtaining the necessary codes from the special section and start generating income from the system. If anyone clicks on these advertisement windows with a special code that you will place on your site and makes a purchase from our site within 1 year, you will earn 10% of the shopping amount (excluding the shipping amount).

Ad windows have been designed in a remarkable way and have been sized in a wide variety of ways so that you can use them anywhere on your site. The selection of the products displayed in the advertisement windows is left to your preference. In our advertisement windows on the websites of our individual dealers who do not make special preferences, products selected from among our best-selling products and renewed periodically are displayed.

Apart from advertisement windows, you can also direct us to our site by using special links.